How to Install an Aftermarket Performance Throttle Body on a Ford Focus RS for Improved Airflow?

If you’re a proud owner of a Ford Focus RS and you’re looking to optimize your vehicle’s performance, one of the best modifications you can make is installing an aftermarket performance throttle body. This simple upgrade can significantly improve the air intake, turbo performance, and overall engine power of your Ford.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of how to install an aftermarket performance throttle body on a Ford Focus RS, focusing on the renowned BBK throttle body brand. We’ll also explore the exhaustive benefits this performance upgrade can provide for your Ford Focus RS, particularly in terms of enhancing the efficiency of the throttle, air intake, and turbo.

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Remember, a throttle body is a critical component of the engine; its role is to manage the air intake that mixes with the fuel in the combustion chamber. An efficient throttle body can alter the dynamic of your car, significantly boosting its power and performance.

Choosing the Right Performance Throttle Body

Before entering into the nitty-gritty of the installation process, you must first choose the right performance throttle body for your vehicle. BBK is a well-respected brand among Ford owners, known for its exquisite quality and performance in enhancing air intake and turbo power.

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A popular choice among Ford Focus RS owners is BBK’s 65mm Throttle Body, designed specifically for Ford vehicles equipped with the EcoBoost engine. This particular model is engineered to provide your Ford with boosted throttle response and power gains, without affecting the fuel economy.

The BBK 65mm Throttle Body is precision-machined from high-quality 356 aluminum and includes all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation. This model features an improved design that allows for increased airflow, providing improved throttle response and overall engine performance.

Preparing for the Throttle Body Installation

Before you begin the installation process of your new throttle body, you must first prepare your workspace and gather all the necessary tools. You’ll need a socket set, flat head and Philips screwdriver, and a torque wrench. Ensure you’re wearing suitable safety equipment, including gloves and safety glasses.

Also, it’s essential to disconnect your Ford Focus RS’s battery before starting the installation process. This is a crucial safety measure to prevent any electrical shorts or shocks during the upgrade.

Installing the Aftermarket Performance Throttle Body

After you’ve prepared your workspace and gathered your tools, you’re ready to begin installing the aftermarket performance throttle body on your Ford Focus RS. First, you’ll need to locate the existing throttle body. In most Ford Focus RS models, you’ll find it at the top of the engine, in between the air intake manifold and the air intake tube.

To remove the existing throttle body, first, disconnect the throttle body harness connector. Then, using your socket set, remove the four bolts that secure the throttle body to the intake manifold. Once the bolts are removed, you can carefully lift the old throttle body off the intake manifold.

Next, you’ll install the new aftermarket performance throttle body. Start by placing the new throttle body gasket over the intake manifold’s mounting studs. Then, carefully align the new throttle body with the mounting studs and press it into place.

Secure the new throttle body to the intake manifold using the four bolts you previously removed. It’s crucial that you tighten these bolts in a crisscross pattern to ensure an even distribution of pressure. This step will help prevent any potential air leaks.

Once the new throttle body is secured, reconnect the throttle body harness connector.

Post Installation Checks and Test Drive

After successfully installing the aftermarket performance throttle body, reconnect the battery and start your Ford Focus RS. Keep an eye on the engine idle speed and overall performance. If your vehicle is idling smoothly and there are no warning lights on the dashboard, then the installation has likely been successful.

Now, enjoy a test drive to feel the impact of the new throttle body on your Ford Focus RS’s performance. You’ll likely notice an immediate improvement in throttle response and power, especially during high RPM situations.

Engaging in Performance Discussions

Now that you have successfully installed an aftermarket performance throttle body on your Ford Focus RS, consider sharing your experiences with fellow Ford owners. Forums such as the Ford Mustang and Ford Focus RS forums are excellent platforms for discussing such modifications and their impact on performance.

In these online communities, you can share your own experiences, ask questions, reply to others’ queries, and learn more about enhancing your Ford’s performance. By actively participating in these discussions, you can gain a wealth of knowledge and insights that can further boost your Ford Focus RS’s power and performance.

Custom Tune for Aftermarket Performance Throttle Body

Post-installation, one critical step you might want to consider is getting a custom tune for your Ford Focus RS. A custom tune will help optimize the performance of your vehicle and ensure the newly installed throttle body is working at its best.

When you install a bigger throttle body like BBK’s 65mm, you’re allowing more air to enter the engine. This, in turn, means the car’s computer (ECU) needs to adjust the fuel mixture to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio. A professional custom tune will ensure this is done correctly, helping to maximize power and efficiency while minimizing the risk of any potential engine damage.

During a custom tune, a professional tuner will modify your vehicle’s software to optimize its performance, enhancing throttle response and power across the entire RPM range. They will take into account your specific modifications, including your new throttle body and any other performance upgrades like a cold air intake or exhaust system.

The benefits of a custom tune are plentiful. For instance, not only can it improve your vehicle’s throttle response and power, but it can also improve fuel economy, provide smoother gear shifts, and reduce turbo lag. Remember, a custom tune should always be performed by a professional tuner to ensure your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Ensuring Regular Maintenance for Top Performance

After installing your new throttle body and getting a custom tune, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your Ford Focus RS performing at its best. Just as with any performance upgrade, the aftermarket throttle body will require regular cleaning to remove any build-up of dirt or debris, which could otherwise impact its performance.

This can usually be done using a throttle body cleaner, which you can purchase from any auto parts store. Simply remove the air filter, spray the cleaner into the throttle body, then use a cloth or brush to gently remove any dirt or build-up.

This regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of your throttle body and ensure it continues to deliver the improved throttle response and power you’ve come to expect.

Similarly, keep an eye on your Ford’s air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter can restrict airflow to your throttle body, reducing its performance. Replacing your air filter regularly will ensure your BBK throttle body can perform at its best, delivering the improved airflow and power you desire.


By installing an aftermarket performance throttle body on your Ford Focus RS, you’re sure to enhance its overall performance, notably improving its throttle response and power. BBK’s 65mm throttle body comes highly recommended for this purpose, renowned for its quality and effectiveness.

However, the job doesn’t end with the installation. Opting for a custom tune post-installation and ensuring regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s enhanced performance over the long term.

Engage with fellow Ford owners on forums such as the Ford Mustang and Ford Focus RS forums. Sharing your experiences and learning from others can provide invaluable insights into further enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

In the end, by following this guide and taking a proactive approach to your Ford Focus RS’s maintenance, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the maximum benefits of your aftermarket performance throttle body.

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