Rent flats in meribel mottaret for your holidays

Thinking about your next winter holiday? Renting an apartment in Meribel Mottaret offers a cosy retreat amidst stunning alpine views. Whether you need a snug T2 or a spacious T5, these apartments come with modern amenities and stylish interiors. Discover options like Creux Ours A and Ruitor, perfect for your family getaway or romantic escape. Ready to explore your dream mountain stay? Try now!

Apartments in Méribel Mottaret: options and features

The flats at Méribel Mottaret offer a variety of options and features to meet the needs of visitors seeking comfort and convenience in the heart of the French Alps.

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Specific apartment examples

  • Creux Ours A: A two-room apartment perfect for four people.
  • Ruitor: A spacious five-room apartment that can host up to nine guests.

These apartments often feature balconies with stunning views of the Alpes, making them a perfect choice for those looking to explore luxurious apartments in Meribel Mottaret with stunning views.

Types of available apartments

In Méribel Mottaret, options range from T2 to T5 apartments, accommodating up to nine people. These apartments are designed to cater to various group sizes, ensuring a comfortable stay for families and friends alike.

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Interior design and amenities

The apartments are selected for their quality furnishings and comprehensive amenities. Expect quality bedding, flat-screen TVs, microwaves, combination ovens, and coffee machines (some with Nespresso). Additionally, many units include dishwashers, washing machines, and various cooktops, ensuring a home-like experience.

Booking and availability

Booking and availability of flats in Méribel Mottaret are crucial to ensuring a hassle-free stay in this popular ski resort.

Booking process and availability

Booking an apartment in Méribel Mottaret is straightforward. You can use various online platforms or contact local agencies. The high season often sees increased demand, so early booking is advisable to secure your preferred accommodation. Look for keywords like "réservation de logement vacances ski" and "offres de location Meribel" to find the best options.

Pricing and special offers

Prices for apartment rentals vary based on the season and apartment size. Special offers are frequently available, particularly for week-long stays. For instance, some accommodations offer discounts if booked several months in advance. Always check for "offres de location Meribel" to get the best deals.

additional services

Many apartments in Méribel Mottaret offer additional services to enhance your stay. These include ski pass reservations, equipment rental, and baby equipment rental. Some properties also provide Wi-Fi boxes, end-of-stay cleaning, and pre-made beds. These services make your "séjour en montagne Meribel" more convenient and enjoyable.

Why choose Méribel Mottaret for your holiday

Choosing Méribel Mottaret for your holidays means opting for a dream destination in the heart of the French Alps, offering privileged access to the world's largest ski area, the Three Valleys. 

Advantages of the ski resort

Méribel Mottaret, located at 1750 meters altitude, offers unparalleled access to the 3 Vallées ski area, the largest ski domain globally. With 600 km of pistes and 158 ski lifts, it caters to all skill levels. The resort's ski-in/ski-out accommodations allow you to step directly onto the slopes from your lodging, maximising your time on the snow. Additionally, the presence of a snow park and varied runs ensures an exciting experience for both skiers and snowboarders. The modern infrastructure guarantees safety and convenience, making it a top choice for a winter getaway.

Family-friendly activities and amenities

Méribel Mottaret is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere. The resort offers numerous activities and games designed for children and parents, ensuring a memorable holiday for all. From cross-country skiing to paragliding, there are endless options to keep everyone entertained. The availability of baby equipment rental and pre-made beds makes it a practical choice for families with young children.

Proximity to ski lifts and pistes

Conveniently located, Méribel Mottaret provides easy access to ski lifts and pistes. This proximity means less time commuting and more time enjoying the slopes. The resort's strategic position within the 3 Vallées ensures that you are never far from the action, whether you are a beginner or an expert skier.

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